Complete your look with Gabba jackets

A jacket serves a practical purpose, first and foremost. But it can also be much more than that. The jacket is an integral part of you and how you present your signature style. Are you going for a relaxed, raw look? A dressy appeal with a casual edge? Or something completely different? No matter who you are and how you prefer to dress, Gabba jackets are made up of a big and versatile family of styles that empower you to stand out or fit in exactly how you want to.

A jacket for any season and wardrobe

There is no denying that a jacket is a must-have in your style arsenal. First and foremost, it’ll take the edge off the chilling weather when you’re outside. But it also serves the purpose of completing your outfit and expressing yourself the way you want via your outfit choice. That’s why you’ll find an almost bottomless supply of unique jacket designs to match any look and season.

At Gabba, you can discover a wide range of jackets in various styles, colors, materials, and degrees of warmth to help you both look and feel good throughout the year’s changing seasons. The only question is: Which of our jackets constitutes the final piece of the puzzle to complete an attractive appeal with your unique twist to it? 

And if you don’t want to go full-on jacket, you can always take a look at our selection of trendy and comfy vests.

The denim jacket - A Gabba trademark

Denim has always made our hearts beat a little faster. That’s why we have worked with the material in our designs since way back in 1983. Because, to us, denim is more or less synonymous with high durability - both because the material can withstand quite a lot and because denim seems to never go out of style. Chances are you also have at least one piece of denim in your wardrobe that you’ve worn for years.

Are you keen to perhaps add one more denim item to your wardrobe? Then why not pick up one of our denim jackets to give your look a Rock n’ Roll-like and hard-wearing appeal? Our denim jackets will fit seamlessly into a greatest hits collection of your favorite looks, right from committing to casual streetwear to giving your typical office attire a unique edge. And who says you can’t wear denim on denim? Dare to dress freely your way with Gabba jackets.

Gabba Battle jackets: A warm and trendy jacket

Cozy and cool-looking. That’s what our fleece jackets are all about. If you’re looking for a jacket that makes you feel nice and warm while delivering an on-trend streetwear appeal, our Battle Jackets got you covered in both departments. The soft and warm jackets are dripped in popular colorways and completed with stylish details and roomy pockets to make the fleece jacket your go-to pick in no time. Wear it when you’re moving about in the city or embarking on outdoor adventures. Your Gabba Battle jacket is right there with you, no matter what life may throw your way. 

There are also countless ways to style your Battle jacket. A trendy approach is pairing your jacket with a pair of cargo pants and your favorite sneakers. Top the look off with a cool cap, bucket hat, or beanie, and you’ll surely nail casual street style. If cargo pants aren’t entirely your thing, you can always swap them for jeans or other types of pants in your preferred color and fit.

Transition into a new season in style with Gabba jackets

Are you looking for a jacket that is not quite a jacket, not quite a shirt, but is a nice blend of both? Well, we think you’ll like our Theodor light wool jackets then. They look and feel a lot like regular overshirts, which you can wear both inside and outside when the weather is rather mild. Our Theodor jackets add the benefits of wool to create a highly soft and slightly warmer take on the popular style. A great pick for both spring and the early days of fall.

Another great pick for when the temperature starts to drop a little or when winter starts to loosen up is our Espen jackets which include unique quilted details and stylish color options. The jackets blend trendy streetwear with timeless details to make them a great sidekick on any occasion. With a Gabba Espen jacket, you can easily wear your best-loved T-shirt, sneakers, and jeans or switch them out with a shirt, a pair of dress shoes, and a pair of elegant suit pants. In short: Our Espen jackets fit any of your most favored on- and off-duty looks.