Gabba jeans - We love your imperfections

Does your heart also beat a bit faster when you see denim jeans? If it does, then our jeans are just for you. Our denim jeans are for the denim lover who wants to express themselves via their apparel and explore the variety of jeans styles. 

We are a brand that strives to make a variety of fits, colours, styles and more, so you can find the jeans that fit your personality and have the freedom to express what you want to the world. 

Having those pairs of jeans that make you feel comfortable in your own skin will allow you to embrace your charming imperfections and be confident. In that case, our Gabba jeans will make you feel empowered when you walk down the street. 

Find the jeans that empower you

Do you know the sensation of feeling so good in your clothes that you suddenly walk with confidence in your strides and a straight back? This sensation is the effect of well-fitted and personalised attire. You become more empowered and confident because you feel elegant, handsome, sexy, cool and more. Therefore, it is important to have jeans that fit your style and body, and we have a wide range to cover exactly what you need. 

Our men's jean collection has several colours: light blue, denim washed, black, beige and grey jeans. Therefore, whether you want to show your colourful personality to the world with those bright blue jeans or create a relaxed style that does not stand out with a pair of downtoned grey jeans, you can find them in our denim selection.

Besides colours, it is important that the style fits you and you feel comfortable in your new jeans. As such, we have a variety of designs and fits in our collection. We have skinny-, relaxed-, loose- and slim-fitted jeans in various styles. Whether you love showing off your legs with skinny-fit ripped jeans or feel most comfortable in relaxed-fit cropped jeans, you can find your preferred fit and style on our site or in our shop.

 You can view our fit guide here to get a personalised view of our jeans, so you don’t need to scroll through all the jeans that do not have your preferred fit.

We believe promoting individuality is extremely important as some may feel confident in their skin by wearing ripped jeans with a skinny fit and blue colour. On the other hand, others may feel confident wearing loose-fitted black bootcut jeans. It all depends on what you feel confident in and want to show the world. Therefore, we want you to find your favourite pairs of Gabba jeans that fit your style, your personality and what you find comfortable, so you can embrace your uniqueness everywhere you go.

Get a pair of durable jeans for men

If you want a pair of denim jeans that are durable, sturdy and reliable, then our men’s jeans are what you are searching for. Our denim jeans will not break easily, as they are made of a high-quality material and with an eye for detail. The denim material is a strong cotton fabric created with a tightly woven twill, which means it is structurally stronger than regular trousers.

The jeans are also durable in regard to the new seasons and trends. The denim trend has been here for many years and is here to stay, so no matter when you buy your new jeans, they can stay your favourite through the years. 

Additionally, even if the jeans get worn through the years, they will still be trendy as they develop unique fades and become new styles such as ripped or patched jeans. This way, your worn denim jeans create the look many buy from shops. In other words, our denim jeans are for you who want a durable pair of jeans that can be with you for several years.  

Think green with Gabba

We are doing our best to protect our world by reducing our impact on the environment in several ways. We are, for instance, using organic cotton and recycled cotton when making our Gabba garments. 

These initiatives are only a small part of how we aim to reduce our environmental impact. If you want to learn more about our mission to become environmentally friendly, you can read further about our sustainability initiatives here

Organic cotton: We use organic cotton as a material when making clothes because organic cotton is grown without unwelcomed chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). That way, when buying our jeans, you support the fight for a green future by avoiding harmful chemicals getting into our water and soil.

Recycled cotton: We incorporate recycled cotton into our new jeans, t-shirts and so on to avoid waste of any cotton material which has been cut off from production. 

However, it is not yet possible to make 100% recycled cotton clothing because the material becomes less sturdy and can break apart easily. The cotton weakens because the fibre grows weak from the several breakdowns of the fabric. 

Therefore, we aim to make sustainable jeans while still providing quality clothing by including at least 50% recycled material in our sustainable pants. This way, you can look amazing and be comfortable while protecting the environment. 

In other words, with Gabba pants, you can think green while being fashionable. 

If our sustainability appeals to you, then you can explore our sustainable clothing here or look for our REDUCE mark on clothing in our stores and on our website. The REDUCE mark shows that the clothes have been made with either 50% or more of our REDUCE material or our REDUCE qualifying production method.

How to take care of your denim jeans

Even though our denim material is durable, you still need to take care of the garments so they can last for many years. Here are some of our tips to take care of your new denim jeans:

Wash with cold water to avoid fading and shrinking 

Turn the jeans inside out to preserve the current shade 

Don’t wash the jeans too often, as this wears out the fabric.

When washing, don’t use fabric softener as this abrades the fabric's fibre.

When there is a loose thread, hole or rip in your jeans, repair it as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Avoid using the dryer and air dry your jeans instead. The dryer will wear out and damage your new jeans. 

You can read more about our denim care guide here.

Make an outfit with your new jeans

If you love our denim jeans just as much as we do, you can finish your whole outfit with one of our t-shirts, shirts or sweatshirts to match your new jeans. Here, denim jeans are perfect as they can make an outfit fit with new season styles and trends. We have the collection to fit your needs. Whether you want the light-coloured shirt to match the new-light-coloured jeans or a cool shirt that matches your new black jeans, you can view our selection of shirts here and complete your denim jeans with a new shirt. 

Additionally, you can use our various pair of jeans for all the looks you want to create for specific occasions. Whether the cool casual look with a black t-shirt or the elegant work appeal with a well-ironed striped shirt is for you, our denim jeans can be used for the occasion and outfit.