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We have the pants for you, from cargo to linen

Whether you call them pants, trousers, slacks, joggers or something completely different, we have them in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Our selection is ideal for you to express your personality and individuality through fashion. 

For you to be able to express your uniqueness, we offer a wide range of pants that you can choose from, so when you walk down the street, you will show off your signature style at a glance.

Find your favourite pants in our collection

The goal of our pants is to help you feel comfortable and confident in who you are. We want you to be able to express your mood, personality or what you want through our clothing. As such, we have a great selection of colours, models, fits and materials to match your preferences. You can find your favourite pair of pants that gives the impression you want, whether it be cool, elegant, unique or comfortable.

Are you a chino or cargo lover?

We offer chino, linen, cargo pants and more models. Our designs can create different types of impressions, depending on what you prefer to show the world. 

For example, our Gabba chino pants are made for you if you feel most like yourself in the elegant but comfortable look. It is formal but breathable and ensures freedom of movement.

On the other hand, if you want a relaxed and cool look, then the green cargo pants' practicality and military-style are just for you. The cargo pants almost scream coolness from their alternative name; combat trousers, which are given based on their military-inspired design. 

What colour is your fashion?

Besides our styles and designs, the colour of the pants also plays a major role when you want to express yourself through fashion. With our collection of pants, you can create both a colourful and black-and-white look. 

Maybe you want to showcase your vibrant mood or personality with a checkered pattern or blue-coloured chino pants. On the contrary, you may want a downtoned look with versatile black cargo pants that can be used with almost any shirt. Whatever the case, you can find it here on our page. 

Cargo jeans instead of cargo pants?

If none of the pants on this page is to your liking, maybe because the material is not for you, our jeans selection may be worth exploring. Our durable jeans are for you who like a pair of pants that never go out of trend.

If you would rather want the cool cargo model in sturdy denim material, then our cargo jeans are just for you. You can explore our selection of jeans here.  

Discover the perfect fit for your new pants

Besides the style of your new pants being important when expressing your uniqueness and individuality, another important factor is the fit of your pants. For instance, if your new cargo pants don’t feel comfortable for you, you will not look confident when walking down the street because you keep readjusting them.

That is why the fitting of your new pants is important. 

We have several fits, such as slim tapered, slim, relaxed and regular. Our broad selection of fits means you should be able to find the pants which are most comfortable for you. 

You may want your new cargo pants or cargo trousers to be a slim tapered fit to show off your figure without restraining your thighs and stomach. If this is your preferred look, you can shop the slim tapered cargo pants here.

On the other hand, you may want a relaxed fit so you are more comfortable when moving around.
It depends on which look you feel matches your body and style the best.

Get conscious men’s cargo pants 

We want to take care of our planet. Therefore, we are counteracting the fashion industry’s thinking: “more is better” by reducing qualifying production methods and materials. If you want to know more about how our brand is sustainable, you can read more about our REDUCE strategy here

Our reduce strategy means that if you shop for men’s cargo pants, which carry the REDUCE mark, it is made with either 50% or more of our REDUCE material or our REDUCE qualifying production methods.

One of the ways we are reducing is through our two types of REDUCE material, which are recycled cotton and polyester. This reducing method means the next chino or cargo pants you buy could be made with recycled material. 

However, your new cargo pants would not be made with 100% recycled cotton, as this is impossible without the garments breaking apart easily. The cotton fabric is broken down several times before reusing, which wears down the fibres in the fabric, resulting in the material breaking easily.

Still, this means that when purchasing our sustainable clothing, you are helping us save the planet by:

- Cutting waste of cotton and polyester materials 

- Limiting the need and use of fabrics, thus reducing the production of cotton and polyester 

- Reducing the production of plastic - as polyester is made from plastic 

You can both look fantastic and get the fashion you want while being eco-friendly with our pants. If this sounds appealing to you, shop our sustainable clothing here