GABBA jeans

Launched over 30 years ago, GABBA is a brand that has been built off denim from the ground up. We saw a need for luxurious, comfortable, modern denim for men, and we filled that role. Our years of experience have gone into crafting, designing, and studying denim to find what works, how to make it last, and the intricate details that elevate GABBA from your standard pair of jeans. We mean it when we say we have a dedication to denim. We make sure every piece from the fabrics to the hemming to the stitching and pocket designs is all created with care and will add life, versatility, and style to your wardrobe. Our denim is unique, and it fits today’s trend while defining tomorrow’s style, and with every wear, it becomes more tailored to fit you.

Where our dedication started - and it has only grown

It began with a family who wanted quality fabrics with close attention to detail. We have been gathering inspiration from all over and hiring individuals with a unique perspective to bring originality and innovation to denim. We have been growing to become a vital part of the fashion community in Scandinavia and slowly branching out to the rest of Europe and Asia too. Our dedication is not just in denim -- it is also originality and  a focus on the need to enrich consumers with individuality and versatility. We bring in other countries, cultures, and experiences to heighten perspectives and give jeans a new personal meaning. You can read more about our story here.

Perfection is always striving for more

We are more than just high-quality materials, unique washes and thoughtful attention to detail. It is the perfect fit, one of authentic expression and one you will wear with pride. You know that feeling when you slip on your favourite pair of jeans, and they feel like they were made specifically for you. That pair of denim makes you feel confident and empowered, ready to take on whatever comes your way. This feeling encompasses what we work towards every time you put on a pair of GABBA jeans. As we continue to grow, we are always promoting new collections and new lines like our REDUCE line.

We will constantly be implementing new ideas, new perspectives, and taking risks because the world is full of creative, interesting individuals with refreshing takes and a different approach to denim that we can learn from. And we’re ready to find them.

Inclusivity while promoting individuality

Fashion is personal, you can have the same pair of pants on 100 people, and they will all style it in their own way. So what makes the best pair of jeans, and what makes it unique? It’s the feeling, and it’s the emotion and the freedom to be able to make it your own. It’s when you wear a comfortable fabric designed to move with your body, and you know your pants won’t ever hold you back. It’s when you know that your jeans will last when walking in the city or won’t split when bending low to the ground. It’s when you know that you have the ability to choose the fit, the wash, the style. That is all that makes the perfect pair of jeans - GABBA jeans.

While it is up to preference on the fit, or the look you want to portray, or the outfit you want to create, we have an assortment of denim that will ensure you get the perfect pair - every time.

Relaxed fit, straight fit, skinny -- all give you the option for different vibes. Cuffing your jeans gives you contrast down to the ankle and small but important details when it comes down to the leather patchwork, the stitching, the buttons. Coloured denim can push you out of your comfort zone into something you didn’t know you would like.

Everything we make is so that you can fall in love with denim the way we did.

You fuel us with passion, purpose, and inspiration

We are always striving to create innovative, modern, and new takes on denim, but we also know it means paying respects to the classics that brought us where we are today. Without your love and support, we wouldn’t constantly be adapting and revolutionising men’s fashion. We take pride in knowing that every detail down to the stitching is made with the same care and passion we had over 30 years ago. We seek out extraordinary people all over the world who are dedicated to their craft and have a passion and perspective that brings creativity and diversity to our team. We invite you to continue to use our denim to express yourself in new ways that are 100% unique to you.