When it’s cold outside, you need something you can depend on -something that will last through washes and that can be easily layered to keep you warm. We create every stitch, material, and design to work with your body and fit comfortably. Our high-quality knitwear comes in a variety of colours, stitches, and cuts so you can find what best suits your personal preference or mix it up and keep your wardrobe exciting. Whether you prefer an edge or like to keep it casual, GABBA enables you with versatility, function and modern styles.

Adaptable, functional, modern

Knitwear is essential in the winter and during the transition months. We give you the choice and the creativity to express yourself through your outfits, from roll necks and timeless styles to boldly printed blends. Knits are a piece that promotes versatility, can be dressed up or down, layered, or worn all on their own. These are staple pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe, and they help spark inspiration and can be experimented with so that you can express yourself in how you see fit.

Clothes that do more than just keep you warm

If you’re looking for something dark and moody for the winter season but still want to stand out, you can pair a bright high neck knit under a black coat with black slim-fit trousers. It gives a pop of colour that emits confidence and a sleek, modern flair with the rest of the all-black look. It’s cohesive while still allowing you to experiment with colour and textures. Or maybe you are more bold with your fashion, wanting a louder patterned knit, or a checkered jacket and coloured trousers. It can be something that will show that you are adventurous. If you tend to be a bit reserved, you can go with something timeless, like a cable knit, a beanie, and our famous blue jeans, that you can find here.

No matter what you want to say, we will help you construct the sentence with our pieces.

Versatility that’s innovative and personal

We believe there are no strict rules in fashion and it’s up to you what you want to evoke with your outfit. Versatility is essential, and the way you wear it is personal and unique. The same piece can be worn time and time again, and each time you have the chance to give completely different vibes, try different styles, and make it your own.

If you take a neutral crew neck knit jumper and pair it with different coloured neutrals in a wool coat, a pair of chinos and a scarf, you can have a unique, modern everyday look. Or, if you choose to elevate it with pressed pants and a buttoned shirt, you can give an air of sophistication and class. Or pair it with one of our jackets or vests, a tote bag, and jeans for something more urban, and an outfit that has a strong contrast but still has flow. Knits are an easy way to elevate your wardrobe, and they are an effortless basic that looks like you put thought and time into.

Giving men purpose, inspiration, and freedom in fashion

We focus on creating pieces that will stay modern, feel great, and last. We want to promote individuality and originality without having to give up comfort or style. We seek out extraordinary people all over the world who are dedicated to their craft and have a passion for creating, just like you. We want you to have an opportunity to make what you wear distinctive and raw, and we want to see how you wear us, so follow and tag us on our Instagram. Show us how you stand out from the crowd and how you express yourself through GABBA clothes.