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Launched over 30 years ago, GABBA is a brand that was established with a dedication to denim. Revolutionising not just denim but menswear as a whole, we dress men in luxurious, comfortable, and unique clothing. Our years of experience have gone into studying, designing, and crafting fashionable and captivating trousers for men that are sure to elevate any piece you pair them with. From the fabrics to the hemming, stitching, and pocket designs, every pair of trousers are created with care, made to last, and will add versatility and trend to your wardrobe.

Modern trousers for the modern man

We want to enrich men through our garments, and we want to give you the power to look and feel good. Our focus will always be on a flattering fit and quality made materials - all the way down to the smallest detail. Trousers are an essential staple for every man’s wardrobe; they effortlessly upgrade the basic tee and add personality and uniqueness that can’t always be found in denim. They are an easy fix to making an outfit look more tasteful and thought-out, and you can choose to style them to be the centre of attention with bold or vibrant colours or as neutral support for a statement piece.

Expression through more than just words

We encourage diversity, living authentically, and the freedom to express yourself through more than just words. We believe that you can use fashion to be creative and express things in ways that you might not be able to say out loud. Dressing in mixes of materials, patterns, and colours can make you exude confidence and energy and state your mood - whether brooding, vibrant, rebellious, or groovy. The options are endless, and the choices are entirely up to you depending on what you want to wear.

If you’re looking for something low-key, try pairing one of our white knits - with slim-fitting dark trousers and a beanie for an understated but composed look that assures confidence and gives the impression you have it all together. If you want to wear this outfit on a brisk autumn night, don an earth-toned jacket with a scarf to portray sophistication and class. Alternatively, pair darker coloured knits to give off a moodier and mysterious style.

Implementing experimentation

Fashion allows you to become the person you want to be, and it gives you the freedom to show the world whatever you want. It can enable people to know who you are at a glance or influence what you want them to think. GABBA trousers give you a chance to see what works for you, to compare and contrast styles, and to make them your own. We want you to know that inspiration and versatility can be found anywhere.

For example, if you throw on a pair of chino trousers, simply add a basic hoodie in a contrasting colour to have an easy contemporary outfit with basic colour blocking, or layer the sweats in different colours with a jacket to give your look more depth. You can even go full ‘tech-wear’ in all black with cargo trousers for an edgy coolness with urban functionality. Every pair of GABBA’s trousers are versatile and primed for your imagination.

Maybe you are looking for something less experimental and like to stick with the classics? Denim is our speciality, and our selection of jeans are made with strong materials, in unique washes, in a variety of fits, and can be found here.

Enabling mens purpose, inspiration, and freedom in fashion

GABBA was founded to create a modern denim brand and personalised approach to fashion-conscious men. We are focused on promoting versatility and individuality without forsaking comfort or style. We seek out extraordinary people all over the world who are dedicated to their craft and have a passion for creating, just like you. We want our clothing to give you the opportunity for raw originality and personalised fashion that you can make entirely your own. You can read more about us here.