GABBA Pisa chinos

Say hello to the modern and stylish gentleman! GABBA Pisa chinos are the perfect fit for the 21st century urban warrior, who is not only searching for quality materials but pays attention to details.

But first, let us pay tribute to the pants who feels like a dream! Your GABBA chinos offers you a sensation that only fabric made from cotton, viscose and elastane can. Forget about the tight feeling of fabric pressing against your legs or bottom and take a moment to appreciate the wonders of a flexible fit in a stylish design.

With up to 4 % of elastane, the GABBA chinos are as comfortable as it gets.

A design for life

Are you looking to add marvelous pants to your wardrobe? The GABBA Pisa chinos are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. These chinos offer a more classic and refined look with the feel of a slightly tailored finish.

Choose from grey, beige, blue or chinos with check-design, which all look great in the slim tapered fit and is suitable for any occasion as it balances between formal and casual wear.

GABBA chinos for every wardrobe

The GABBA Pisa chinos are equipped with details such as a zipper at the hem, stitch details at the pockets and a roll up hem that ads class to the design.

Want to wear them with a simple white t-shirt? Perfect, it will look great! Going for a more formal chinos and shirt look – perhaps with a cheeky turn up and the shoe-and-no-sock look? Great idea, it is a never-dying style.

Whatever you decide to wear with the versatile GABBA Pisa, they will never let you down. When going out in the city life, the comfortable and contemporary GABBA chino look is a sure winner. 

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