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GABBA Shirts

There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a nice button up to wear at the office or just want to experiment with layers. GABBA shirts are made with a quality that cannot be compared. We understand that style is personal, so if you like brights or more understated looks, we have men's shirts in high-quality fabrics created with careful attention to the smallest details. Our shirts are comforting, flattering, and modern and are designed for you to keep reaching for them in your wardrobe.

Revitalised classics in higher quality

All of your favourite materials, like soft and strong cotton, gorgeous and luxurious linens, or exhilarating blends of fabrics, come together and create a shirt that moves with you that's modern and sits nicely on your silhouette. We get that people are different, and not everyone wants to embrace the newest trends or become a statement piece. We make sure to have diversity in our products so that you can find a shirt that can be worn every day.

Our basics look good on their own, or with something else, and buttoned to the collar and paired with chino pants can make for a clean, fresh outfit for the office. Keep the buttons open and layer with a t-shirt for something more casual on a warmer day. Or switch it up with a lighter denim shirt, darker denim jeans, a slim-fit jacket, for something classic and classy. You will have plenty of time to dress our shirts the way you want with a quality that can't be matched - there's no need to worry about fading, tearing or ripping, and our shirts will become classics soon enough.

Discover, combine, create

Adding depth to an outfit with layers is a great way to look good in the cooler months and winter. Our shirts can easily be paired under a vest that makes a great transitional piece for spring or fall. It's functional, allows for mixes in colours and textures, and is something that can be paired with other things in your closet. When the air turns frigid, having paired an overshirt and a wool coat can give sophistication while keeping things interesting.

A t-shirt under one of our overshirts will give you something easy to throw together that's still in style. It's simple, smart, and perfect for warmer days. Free free to experiment with how far you button up the shirts to see how it looks. Maybe you like it neat and buttoned all the way up to the collar, or maybe you leave it open for a more relaxed look. However you style our clothes, they will look good and feel just as good.

Giving men purpose, inspiration, and freedom in fashion

Our top priority is providing you with versatile, high-quality pieces that will inspire and empower men whilst making them look and feel good. We promote individuality and creativity without compromising on comfort or fashion. We seek out extraordinary individuals who are dedicated to their craft, think outside of the box, and have a passion for creating, just like you. Every piece we put out is designed with you in mind so that you can make it entirely your own.