We're reducing our impact

We have chosen to implement our greenest products in history, with the launch of our REDUCE line. With 30 years of experience in the clothing industry, we are well aware of the impact that fashion can have on the environment. That’s why we made sure only to use eco fabrics and sustainable treatments. We have spent even more time designing, studying and crafting fashionable eco-friendly pieces that are modern, high quality, and will last - except in the landfill. We put time, effort, and care into creating products that are produced with a minimum amount of water, energy, and chemicals.

REDUCE, reliable, radical

We are constantly looking for new ways to make clothing better. Using different fabrics and processes allows us to create sustainable products of the same quality that everyone wants from GABBA. We focus on the perfect materials to work with to reduce the footprint we leave behind, like using pure cotton that grows naturally made with respecting nature’s timing and without the use of pesticides or wasting water. Pieces treated with sustainable treatments like laser engraving save energy and water and minimise our carbon output into the ozone. The pockets inside our jeans will show what materials we have used and the unique partnerships we have made, which we will continue within every collection.

We make sure our small details are noticeable, like how we replace our metal rivets with embroideries or how the leather patch on our waistband is made of the same raw material that the jeans are made from before treatment. So much thought and time go into our REDUCE line, and we eventually want to expand among other styles and categories of our products. With the same respect our company gets for our clothing, we want to pass it on to you, our customers, and our planet.

Making an impact without leaving a footprint

When you choose to support our REDUCE line, you are helping us become a part of something bigger. You can express yourself without any feeling of guilt, knowing your products are made better. Not just in craftsmanship but from the very beginning of the process, starting with the actual fibres of the material. When you’re given the peace of mind and the freedom to mix up styles and play with fashion, the world is yours. You can put forth whatever energy you want into the world and make people see you how you want to be seen. That’s what we want, and we allow you to make that impact while reducing your footprint.

If you want to know when we release future REDUCE lines follow us on our social media for updates.

Giving men purpose, inspiration, and freedom in fashion

We have a responsibility to you and our planet, and we do our part by creating lines that allow you to enjoy fashion without its negative impact. We make modern, personalised, and comfortable fashion for men while promoting individuality and creativity. We build our team with creative and passionate individuals who love fashion just like you. We want our clothing to give you the freedom and versatility to style yourself in an entirely original way and all your own. If you want to learn more about who we are, you can read more about us here.