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GABBA T-Shirts

We’re focused on creating modern, high-quality, unique pieces to elevate your wardrobe, and our t-shirts are no different. We want this basic to feel like an old friend, something you can rely on that will inspire you and make you feel your best. We have taken our time designing and perfecting the basic tee so that you can wear them with confidence and comfort.

Basics but made better

We understand the appeal of classics. Our passion may have started with denim, but we definitely feel very enthusiastic about menswear. A t-shirt is something you can never have enough of. It’s a timeless style and the ultimate basic that delivers versatility. It gives you the chance to experiment, layer, or hold its spot all on its own -  it’s something that doesn’t need anything extra. But what makes a good t-shirt? That is up to a matter of opinion, but I think we can all agree that some foundations are necessary for the perfect t-shirt.

So what are some of the qualities of an ideal t-shirt? It doesn’t wrinkle, and it never shrinks. It doesn’t fade or stretch out after a few washes. The fabric stays soft and smooth, and the hem complements your body. It’s light and doesn’t pull you down, and it is easy to pair with anything you choose. Once you wear the perfect t-shirt, you won’t ever settle for less - GABBA has a t-shirt that does all that and more. In our variety of colours, cuts, and fits, you will find something you love, maybe even in every colour.

Patterns, prints, or plain in perfection

Adding colour is a great way to learn what you like, and there are so many ways to base your outfit around them. There are various combinations like complementary colours, analogous colours or colours next to each other on the wheel, as well as gradients and neutrals. Try a monochromatic scheme in neutrals of different shades for a modern and urban look. You can pair an olive t-shirt with a blue denim jacket with olive cargo pants to easily try an analogous colour blocking method. Or you can choose to go with something complimentary that’s familiar, like navy and brown.

If you want to be bold, try contrasting styles or colours - this is how rules are broken, and rebellion can be embraced. Many contemporary styles evolved out of contrasting fashion, and working with contrasting pieces can make fashion even more enjoyable. Just remember to have fun, try new things and don’t be afraid to fail; if you don’t like how something looks together, you can always take it off and try again. Fashion is forgiving, and when you create an exciting style that makes you feel unique, it makes coming out of your comfort zone worth it!

Experimenting with and elevating classics

We invite you to experiment and play with colour in your wardrobe. Fashion should take risks, break boundaries, and make you feel good. It is lighthearted and fun - a way to experience new feelings and expressions. Whether you want a printed t-shirt that will bring diversity and make a statement in your outfit or a white tee that will take you back in time and have you looking sharp and classic, our shirts present opportunities for whatever you want to try. The great thing about GABBA t-shirts is the available designs. You can pair tees with anything because they are incredibly versatile and are suitable for every type of weather.

T-shirts are like good friends, you can never have too many, and the best ones are ones that stay with you for life. An outfit that will always work is any cut of black pants together with a coloured t-shirt. This formula allows you to try different colours, cuts of pants, and accessories for totally different moods and energies. A slim-fit black trouser with a neutral tee will have a completely different feeling from a loose-fit pair of low-crotch cropped jeans with a darker shaded t-shirt. You can endlessly combine the many options while getting used to colour and finding the perfect style that portrays you in the way you want.

Fashion fitted to you

Our t-shirts are crafted in a quality that you will want to keep forever. Whether it is smooth and stretchy cotton, viscose or linen, everything will be soft to the touch, modern, comfortable, and most importantly, versatile while being built to last. What colour scheme will you use? Long sleeve or short sleeve? Will you layer or rock it on its own? It’s entirely up to you.