In our store check series, we travel around the world to visit some of our retailers and get a glimpse into their stores, the staff and their everyday lives. We will visit everything from department stores to small boutiques.

Crämer & Co is one of the leading denim stores in Germany with a current sales area of approx. 3,000 sqm, distributed over two buildings in Nuremberg and Erlangen. With the main building in the heart of Nuremberg, Crämer & Co have created a denim store with a unique selection, special atmosphere and attention to detail. The store is not only a fashion store, but also contains an award-winning coffee shop, an in-store tailor and the "Newseum Fashion Store".


Meet Wadim Arndt, one of Crämer & Co’s fashion consultants. Wadim was kind enough to show us around in the store and inform us of the many special services the shop has to offer its fashion clients.


With almost 30,000 pairs of trousers in stock, customers can experience exclusive brand diversity, international labels and a diverse selection of fashion and lifestyle products. Around 185 employees work on a common vision in different areas - in sales, purchasing, warehousing, online shop, administration or in-house tailoring.

Since 2012 "Newseum" has been the premium men's department of mother company “Crämer & Co”. The store is located on the lower floor of the building. The name Newseum originated from its affectionate, nickname “museum”. Its nickname is attributed to the “heritage” and “vintage” range, which dominates the clothing, footwear and accessories sector.


Its origins are still maintained, but now in symbiosis with the latest contemporary fashion. This unique mix of styles and trends no longer lives up to its nickname. So “new” - “seum” was founded, bringing together the best of both worlds.



For many years, Crämer & Co have offered their registered customers a free, complete tailoring service without time limitation.


If trousers have a creamer & co stamp, customers have a lifelong guarantee on any purchased trousers, and can always return to have them altered or fixed. A service that is rare these days.




Machhörndl coffee house, which is located in the heart of the business, started in 2008 as a small 2-man coffee roastery. Its namesake Armin fulfilled the dream of pursuing his passion for specialty coffees. Armin is a two-time German brewers cup champion and a coffee roaster with all his heart. Unlike many other roasting houses or cafés, Machhörndl is not about the one coffee that always tastes the same. It's all about diversity and complexity. A constant search for great coffees from all over the world. Cultivation conditions, varieties and processing methods play an important role here.


In order to preserve the quality and the full flavour potential of these coffees, they are gently and lightly roasted in a drum roaster. With real warmth, utmost competence and the best service, Crämer & Co aims to inspire their customers. So come visit the store and grab a cup of coffee while you enjoy a world of denim!



Visit the store:

Breite G. 18
90402 Nuremberg